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Autocorrect frequently makes me aware that ‘carer’ and ‘career’ are only one ‘e’ away from each other. Sometimes I feel almost goaded by the similarity. Yet it is undeniable that both terms have loomed large in my life in recent years. I was promoted to Senior Lecturer at the start of 2020, very shortly after… Continue reading Carer/career


From one precarity to another

I read a lot about academic precarity. Hourly paid teaching staff whose hours worked bear very little resemblance to the hours for which they get paid. I see the adverts for 10 month posts, supposedly for those who do not have rent to pay over the summer. Every time I do, I say a word… Continue reading From one precarity to another


A new role

It is no coincidence that my blog has been rather neglected since I completed my PhD. I have been experiencing the early career precarity which, though it is becoming more visible, still affects many of us after we submit our theses. This post is not the time for an extended account of my years in… Continue reading A new role

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How long does a PhD take?

This title could well read 'How long does a PhD take!' That would perhaps reflect the sense that though I have travelled a great distance towards completing my PhD in the last three years, it is not finished yet. I am entering my continuation year, or 'writing-up' period as it is also known. The terms of… Continue reading How long does a PhD take?

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Supervisor Absence

My PhD supervisor has written a couple of blog posts about her experience of pregnancy and motherhood having spent the last term on maternity leave. However supervisors can be absent for a number of reasons, such as illness, research trips away from the university etc. Reading my supervisors pieces got me thinking about it from another… Continue reading Supervisor Absence