The projects listed below give you some idea of the diverse range of projects I have worked on in the past, in addition to my own academic research on youth and voluntarism. If you are interested in freelance research or consultancy, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch.

Responsible Record Keeping for Voluntary Organisations (February -June 2017)

This project builds on the success of the British Academy work (below) and has brought in additional funding in the form of a UCL Public Policy Engagement Grant. This project has produced a toolkit with a self-assessment for charities to fill in to see how well they are managing their records and guidance on how to fulfill their archiving and records management obligations in light of their regulatory and legal responsibilities. This work was delivered in partnership with Charity Finance Group. A PDF of the toolkit is available to download via a link at the end of this blog about the project.

Digitising the Mixed Economy of Welfare in Britain (2015-present)

This British Academy Project encourages voluntary organisations to undertake their own archive projects and offers them practical support to do so. The 5 year project (2014-2019) continues the work of the Campaign for Voluntary Sector Archives which was founded to raise awareness of the importance of voluntary sector archives as strategic assets for governance, corporate identity, accountability and research. I have been the Research Assistant on this project since January 2015.

Diversifying the Curriculum – archives and objects in HE teaching (April-June 2016)

With my expertise in voluntary sector archives, diverse youth histories and teaching the history of youth voluntary action I bid for funding under the UCL Liberating the Curriculum scheme. I found new resources for use in teaching the history of voluntary action and youth which amplified the voices of those hardest to find in these histories: charity beneficiaries, girls from residential institutions, gay teenagers and BME youth. With Dr Georgina Brewis, who assembled a curated teaching collection of objects to complement the archival collection, we ran focus groups with students to pilot this new material for use in the 2016-2017 academic year. You can see a video of Georgina talking about the project here.

Addiction and Lifestyles in Contemporary Europe Reframing Addictions Project (August 2014-September 2015)

I was a small part of large European wide project looking at addiction. I compiled research on the UK gambling industry for the project and contributed a case study on the UK marketing and advertising of gambling.