Monthly Archives: April 2016

PhD Completed

A strange and yet not so strange thing has happened. My PhD is over. Submitted. Viva-d. Corrected. Resubmitted. Deposited. Bound. All that remains is graduation and hopefully a rather large party to celebrate it in July 2016. phd hand in

I made it out the other side. I have emerged blinking and I appear to be in one piece.

For any that care to, you can download my thesis. You might want to wait for the journal articles and monograph though because it did not turn out exactly as I imagined it would. I’ve heard I am not alone in this feeling.

This is just a quick post. There will be more updates to come about what I have done since I went quiet about a year ago. For now, I want to thank the interviewees who have used this blog to make contact. My examiners loved your testimony and I loved hearing it. You have all contributed something unique to my research and I could not have done it without you. Now I just have to decide what to do with it…and myself!